ChoreoSophrology by Monica Fotescu-Uta


The proposed method is an adaptation for dance of Caycedo’s Dynamic Relaxation that facilitates an in-depth perception of the body’s presence in our conscience. ChoreoSophrology is a lively, dynamic discipline that is explored through a sequence of practical movements that stimulate positivity, in line with a sense of reality. It enables body discovery and awareness, free from any form of judgment.

The techniques of ChoreoSophrology are simple and can be adapted to each individual’s personal goals, physical capabilities and fitness level.

The exercises may vary to cater to different fitness groups – amateurs, professionals, and athletes.
The purpose of ChoreoSophrology is to join mind and body, to provide an understanding of the human body in motion. One must be in tune with his or her body in a mind-body-conscience manner.
It is a positive somatization that will ensure an optimization of the mental capital: motivation, concentration, awareness, tolerance of stress and fear, energy and physical power, fluidity of movement and supple technique. 

ChoreoSophrology is a concept created by Monica Fotescu-Uta, principal dancer and chorograph in Germany

Choreo: from greek choreia "dance" 
Sophrology: (Greek) SOS (harmony, serenity), PHREN (consciousness) and LOGOS (science, study).

"The science of the harmony of the consciousness"

Sophrology was created by the Columbian neuro-psychiatrist of Spanish origins, Prof. Alfonso Caycedo, in the 1960s.
Sophrology is a science which studies the human consciousness
and techniques and methods using body mediation.
It aims to reinforce the balance between our emotions,
our thoughts and our behavior.

The purpose of the sophrology, true pedagogy of the existence, is to instigate in a positive way, qualities and resources that we all have.
It provides us with tools to adapt to living in the modern world.

Is a phenomenology-based science, which combined Oriental traditions (Yoga, Zen and Buddhist meditation) Western techniques and philosophies (relaxation, hypnosis , psychology).

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