Monica Fotescu-Uta


Monica has led an international dance career since an early age. She first discovered sophrology as a member of the Monte-Carlo Dance Academy. The technique sparked her interest and has had an influence on many aspects of her work as a dancer, a rigorous and demanding profession. Having discovered sophrology, Monica firmly believes in the benefits of integrating the practice in the training of professional dancers.

With this objective in mind, she took it upon herself to train in Caycedian Sophrology® and studied the Fundamental Cycle at the School of Caycedian Sophrology® in Liège, Belgium. Monica’s final term memoire focused on the harmonious coupling of sophrology and dance with a view to enhance body awareness by refining body perception through subtlety of movements.

She thereby developed Danse & Sophrologie and has already begun giving workshops to artists and people from all walks of life; for instance, she regularly holds sessions at the LWL Klinik Dortmund and the F.F.H Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Dortmund for groups of patients suffering from psychiatric conditions. Danse & Sophrologie therefore extends to the therapeutic field as well as to personal development.


2017-Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie, Paracelsus Dortmund

Ab 2015-Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie, Paracelsus Dortmund

2015 Diploma Master Specialist in Sophrologie Caycedienne, Andorra

2013-2014 Academie Internationale de Sophrologie Caycedienne,Andorra

2011-2014 University of science and art Gh. Cristea Diplom Regie/choreographie

1997 Professional perfection at “Academie de Dance Classique Princesse Grace"Monte Carlo

1985-1994 Romanian state Ballet School

Professional experience

since 2017 Sophrodanse-Therapie In LWLKlinik Dortmund

2016-2017 Project „Change" In LWLKlinik Dortmund

2016 U.D.C.United Dance Company Artistic Director 

2012 Guest soloist with Cork City Ballet Ireland (Sleeping Beauty, Aurora)

2012 Guest soloist with Russian Nat.Ballet (Odette/Odile)

2003 Dortmund Theater –First soloist and Assistant Choreography

2000-2003 Meiningen Theater First soloist and from 01.2003 Assistant Choreography

1997-2000 Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf

01.08-01.10.1997 Opera Nancy France

1994-1997 Romanian Opera House


2018 In Haus inclusion proiect Guest in LWL Klinik Dortmund

2017 In Haus inclusion proiect D.K.Haus Dortmund

2017 Project „Change" In LWLKlinik Dortmund

2015 “DanceTination”s integrations proiect D.K.Haus Dortmund 

2015 “DanceTination”s integrations project D.K.Haus Dortmund

2014-2015” Dance In dance Out”Inklusion project Dortmund(Diakonie)

2014 “Suburbian Ballad”integration project D.K.Haus Dortmund

since 2013” Dance In dance Out”Inclusion proiect Dortmund (Diakonie)

2013”Agony &Ecstasy” Dortmund Ballet

2012 “Carpathian Blues” Dortmund Ballet coproduction with Romanian nat. Ballet

2011 “Suburbian Ballad”integration project D.K.Haus Dortmund

2011 choreography for movie “Zementschloss”

2010 „Wassertaufe des Phoenix“ Illo tempore Ballet with Dortmund Philharmonic

2010 “Evolution” Dortmund Theater

2010 “Phoenix Resurexis” – Opera - with orchestra Dortmund Theater

2010”Der Bettelstudent” Operetta Salzburg

2009 “Csardasfürstin” Operetta Salzburg

2009 “Ionesco Trilogy” Sibiu Ballet Company Romania

2009 “Liaison Dangereuse” - duet

2008 "Opern Ball" Dortmund Theater

2008 "Black & White" - duet

2008 "Thanda" solo

2007 "Fantasia con Fouco"

2008 " 2 One Point” solo Dortmund Theater

2006 "Opern Ball" Dortmund Theater

2006 "Casanova" Ballet in 2 act with orchestra Bucharest National Opera House

2005" Der Dreispitz“ Ballet in 1 act with orchestra Dortmund Theater

Choreography assistant with Xin Peng Wang

Hong Kong:”Serenade” and ”Mozart”

China: “Red Lantern“

Lithuania: “Carmina Burana“ Germany: “Imagine“, “Clasique Simphonie“, “Petruska“,

“Fire Bird“, “Four Seasons“, “Swan Lake“, “Bolero

“Nutcracker, “Manon Lescaut“

Pedagogic Experience

2018-Tamed14. Kongress für Tanzmedizin Frankfurt

2018-Jobmedi Messe Kongress Bochum

2017- Guest Teacher Theater Hagen 

2015 Congres Mondial de Sophrologie, Sophrlogie et Danse

2015 Kongress DGPPN Berlin ,Körper und Seele wiederfinden: Sofrodance-Meditation in der psychiatrischen Behandlung

2015 SophroDanse bei International Ballet Summer Workshop Dortmund Ballet

2012-2015 Open Class Dortmund Ballet

2012-2015 International Ballet Summer Workshop Dortmund Ballet

2010 International Ballet Summer Workshop Hagen Germany – Artistic Director

2009 International Romanian Ballet Summer Workshop – Artistic Director

2008 International Romanian Ballet Summer Workshop – Artistic Director

2005-2007 SIBA-Workshop Salzburg

2002-2003 ”Ballettschule Fotescu”

2001-2002 Meiningen Theater

2001-2002 Ballettschule Vieru in Schweinfurt (Berufsfachschule für Bühnentanz-Ergänzungsschule)


2004-2005 Nominate to the Best Dancer in NRW Germany

2003-2004 Nominate to the Best Dancer in NRW Germany

1996 First prize in International competition "Oleg Danovski"

1994 Talent prize of "Henri Coanda" Foundation

1990-1994 Prizes in National competitions Romania


2011-2018 Tanzfestival-Wettberb “Neue welle “ NRW

2013-2015 World Dance Cup 

2013 World Dance Cup ,Brighton

2011-2012 Tanzfestival-Wettberb “Neue welle “ NRW

2009 Grand Prix Award Olomouc Cehia


Verband Freier Psychotherapeuten, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und Psychologischer Berater e.V. (VfP)

Sofrocay-Sophrologie Caycedienne

Rotary Club Dortmund Romberg 

Förderverein Tanzkunst Deutschland e.V

Funding member of the Romanian Dance Union

International dance Council (CID) Unesco

Lead role

"Swan Lake”, "Manon Lescaut”

"Nutcracker” ch.Xin Peng Wang

”Sleepig Beauty”

" The Afternoon of a Faun”,"Carmina Burana” ch.Alexa Mezincescu

"A Midsummer Night Dream"-Helena ch.Mihaela Athanasiu

"Paquita", "Pas de quatre" ch.Petipa

"Camelien Dame" ch.Sabine Wake

"Rooster" ch.Christopher Bruce

"Carmen" ch. Peter Breuer

"Four Seasons”, "Petruska”

"Fire Bird”, "Cindarella”,"Clasique Symphonie", "Chairman Dancers", "Bolero" ch.Xin Peng Wang

“Piano pieces” ch. Douglas Lee

"Rossini Cards" ch.M.Bengonzetti

"Who Cares" ch.G.Balanchine

“Second Detail”,” The vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude” ch.W Forsythe

“Closer” ch.B. Millepied